Brussels Charity announces 100 million Euros for Rohingya refugees in BD

Brussels:Dec 6 (INP) In an unprecedented development, an International Charity organisation based in Brussels , the capital city of European Union, has announced 100 million Euro aid to support the One million Rohingya refugees that are currently immigrated to Bangladesh

The announcement of this aid was made on behalf of His Highness Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi, the President UANORG (International Organisation for Refugee Affairs Care), during “The Plight of the Rohingya” Conference that was held in European Parliament on Tuesday 5th of Dec.

This announcement was made by Prof. Dr. Hecham, Vice President UANORG during the Rohingya conference session at European Parliament.

Later talking to the media Prof. Dr. Hecham disclosed that, “ the video documentary showing the miseries of Rohingya people in Burma has melted our hearts and His Highness Prince Jamal who was also present in the conference decided to go for a real action to move forward by announcing 100 million Euro aid.“

He said that, “100 million Euro is not our limit, it is the beginning, we invite everybody to join us specially European Union, United Nations and other charity organisations and make this action as a reality to respond what we see in the eyes of the Burmese refugees who have been forced to leave their homes and lands, and are waiting for the help with the hop that they are having on us.”

He said that “UANORG is for everybody, any religion, any color and any belief, we support and aid to every person only on the basis of humanity.”