Vaccination campaign for intending pilgrims starts today

The vaccination campaign for intending pilgrims will start today (Monday).

According to a spokesman of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, the vaccine for intending pilgrims to protect them from contagious diseases has been provided in sufficient quantity to all the Haji camps across Pakistan.

He said the intending pilgrims should ensure themselves vaccinated at least ten days before their departure schedule. The pilgrims should report for vaccination at their respective Haji Camp.

He said the pilgrims should also pack their routine medicines they are taking. He said pilgrims are ambassador of Pakistan and they should avoid doing anything, which can hurt their country’s prestige in Saudi Arabia.

He said laws in Saudi Arabia regarding narcotics are very strict and Pakistani pilgrims should also ensure that they are not carrying illegal substance with them during their journey to the holy land.

Under the government scheme, 107, 526 people will perform Hajj this year while 71,000 citizens will go for pilgrimage through arrangements made by private Hajj operators.

Meanwhile, Hajj flight operation will begin from July 24th of this month, which will continue till 26th of next month.
The intending pilgrims can check their flight schedule on the Ministry’s website

Meanwhile, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has launched a short message service to help preventing private Hajj scheme pilgrims from any swindling.

An intending pilgrim should send the first four digits of his Hajj Group Organizer (HGO) enrolment number from his mobile phone to 8331 to check its authenticity.

The pilgrim would promptly receive a reply, containing details about the enrolment status of HGO, name of its chief executive, its allotted quota and address.

Furthermore, quota status of HGO could also be confirmed from ministry’s relevant department by contacting the Ministry on phone no 051-9207519; 051-9205212; 051-9205427.