Scientists introduce wearable brain scanner

Scientists have developed a brain scanner that can be worn like a helmet, it will allow patients to move naturally while being scanned
The technology takes advantage of new ‘quantum’ sensors that can be mounted in a 3D-print prototype helmet.
The scanner can measure brain activity while people make natural movements, including nodding, stretching, drinking tea and even playing ping pong.
It is a magnetoencephalography (MED) system that is new and light-weighted but sensitive than currently available systems.
According to a researcher, Gareth Barnes, “Our scanner can be worn on the head like a helmet, meaning people can undertake tasks whilst moving freely.”

“Importantly, we will now be able to study brain function in many people who, up until now, have been extremely difficult to scan – including young children and patients with movement disorders,” said Barnes.
Positioning the sensors much closer to the brain increases the amount of signal that they can pick up.