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Why the sides of a coin are known ‘head’ and ‘tail’

We have been taught since our childhood that the two sides of a coin called ‘head’ and ‘tail’, but have you ever wondered why is it so?
Actual official names of the two sides of the coin are obverse and reverse Head is the ‘obverse’ side of the coin and tail is the ‘reverse’ side of the coin.

Generally, one side has the embossing of the official head of state, however, it is called the head side. While, tail side’s name possibly originated from the British ten pence coin, in which the reverse shows a heraldic lion with its tail raised.

It is also said that the terms ‘head’ and ‘tail’ originated from Roman coins while some say that people call both the sides of the coin ‘Caesar and ship’ in Rome, ‘cross and pile’ in old England.