Nine genius inventions that are really blessing

Inventions pop us every day in all over the world These inventions are true lifesavers which assure you that how complicated things can be done easily and for pure amusement.
Here is a list of such 9 inventions that will make you believe that should already exist everywhere.
Staircase slide

Fun should be stay everywhere.
Bin ring

This will encourage people to clean streets.
Untangleable earpods

Finally, no frustration over tangled wires anymore!
Hot/cold charging station

Now you can charge your phone from a hot coffee or a can of cola.
Color copying pen

Pick a color from one side and draw with the other.
Anti-drip cup

This cup will catch every drop.
Self-cleaning hairbrush

It will remove the hair in one move.

This bookmark will allow you to point the exact place to where you left off.
Heel helpers

A little strategically placed steel and the fairer half of humanity will be greatly relieved.