10 popular myths that are not true

(Daily qudrat): There are many information exist in the world that make us confuse to differentiate between facts and myths This article will help you to know what to believe and what not.
Here are 10 popular myths that have nothing in common with reality.
You gain more calories when you eat at night

Weight of a person depends on the amount of calories they intake, it does not matter what time of the day you eat.
Seasons change because our planet is closer to the Sun in the summer and farther from it in the winter

The real reason of season changing is the tilt of the earth’s axis and the Earth’s rotation around the Sun.
Black holes are funnels that swallow everything around

In real, black hole is like a ball, therefore is no such hole in it that would pull something inside.
Raw vegetable are healthier than cooked one

Some vegetables carry useful minerals after boiling like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and beets. But this rule doesn’t apply to all.
Health teeth are always white

According to the doctors, absolutely white and healthy teeth do not exist together in nature. Because white teeth are sign of illness and lack of calcium.
The earth is perfectly round

Earth’s shape is constantly changing due the movement of continental plates. Therefore, our planet is pretty far from being perfectly round.
Microwaving food losses food nutrients

Any cooking process reduces the food nutrients, like others microwave oven heats up the food. As a result, little amount of nutrients disappears.
Shaving hair makes it thicker

It is believed that shaving makes your hair dense and thicker, but it is myth, because our hair grows from the roots, not from the ends.
Chocolate cause pimples

It has scientifically proved that chocolate does not affect the appearance of acne.
Dairy products make bones stronger

There is no connection between the amount of milk a person drinks and the number of fractures received.