Fiscal budget: Schools, colleges development schemes get Rs2.65b

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has allocated Rs2 65 billion for the 23 new and ongoing development schemes in schools and colleges being managed under the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD).
For the recurring expenditures of education sector up to the higher second level in Islamabad, around Rs24.4 billion was earmarked for the upcoming fiscal year 2018-19. The money will be spfiscal year ent on eight ongoing and 15 new schemes under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2018-19.
The government has allocated Rs0.2 billion to set up Smart schools in the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA), Rs0.1 billion for setting up the Islamabad Model College for Girls in Sector G-14/4, and Rs0.1 billion for the Islamabad Model College foe Boys in Sector G-13/2.

Another Rs0.09 billion has been pledged for the establishment of the Islamabad Model College in Sector G-15, and Rs0.08 billion for the Islamabad Model College for Girls in Sctor G-13/1, and Rs0.02 billion for the construction of a boundary wall of Islamabad Model College for Girls in Sector -14/3.
Among the ongoing schemes, the government has set aside Rs0.5 billion for the Federal Government College of Home Economics, Management Sciences, and Specialized Disciplines in Sector F-11/1.
Rs0.845 billion has been allocated for the renovation and rehabilitation of physical infrastructure of 200 educational institutions under the Prime Minister’s Education Sector Reforms Programme in ICT. The project was delayed in the outgoing fiscal year with the government failing to release any money for it.
Another Rs0.4 billion has been earmarked to upgrade ICT high schools. A further Rs0.027 billion has been set aside for the upgradation of the National Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children in Sector H-9/4.