Rid Karachi of those who held it hostage: CM Murad

KARACHI  – Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has said that with the waning influence of MQM in Karachi, the metropolis has been rid of a hostage situation thanks to PPP
He criticized PML-N and MQM for playing myopic politics for petty gains. He said that MQM has not done anything for Karachi all these years and PML-N turns towards it only in election days.
CM Murad expressed that PPP show in Liaqatabad would demonstrate

PPP power in the city. He visited the site of the rally today and also said that there is no no-go area for PPP in Karachi.
PPP leader said that the founder of the party, Zulfiqar Bhutto also held rally at the same venue. On this occasion, MQM sector in-charge along with workers announced joining PPP.
Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) is set to hold a political rally at the Tanki Ground in Fc area, hoping to snatch the constituency from MQM in the upcoming elections.