Pakistan dismisses Indian allegations of preventing envoy’s meeting with Sikh pilgrims

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday said Indian allegations regarding prevention of meeting of Indian envoy with Sikh pilgrims were ‘reprehensible attempts to mutate truth ’
Responding to a question regarding the press release issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs alleging that the High Commissioner of India was ”prevented” from meeting the visiting Sikh pilgrims, the Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal rejected the allegations as baseless.
Dr Faisal said it was deeply regrettable that facts in the matter had been completely distorted and misrepresented.
The Indian high commissioner agreed to cancel the visit due to Sikh protests against India over the screening of a controversial movie in India, said the Foreign Office.

The matter was raised with the Foreign Office in Islamabad and the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi and a ”protest” was lodged. In response, the factual position was duly communicated to the Indian side, both in Islamabad and New Delhi.
“We deeply regret this Indian attempt to generate controversy around the visits of Sikh pilgrims and to vitiate the environment of bilateral relations,” said a press release issued by the Foreign Office.
“For decades, Pakistan has made excellent arrangements to facilitate the visits of Sikh Yatrees from across the world, including India, and extended protocol, reception, security, medical and other facilities. This is consistent with our religious ethos and traditions of hospitality.”