Fertilizer manufacturers are facilitating subsidy to farmers in Punjab

ISLAMABAD, Dec 06 (INP): The fertilizer ‘Manufacturers’ are maintaining complete transparency and accuracy in facilitating the passage of the subsidy to the ‘registered’ farmers However, some unscrupulous non/ sub dealers might have violated some government policy, to take unfair advantage of the subsidy scheme. There are news report circulated in media that have falsely created an impression that; the fertilizer ‘manufacturing’ companies are also involved in some malpractices to take ‘unfair advantage’ of the Government’s subsidy, being offered to reduce the retail-prices of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizers, for the common farmers, Where fertilizer companies are just facilitating the passage of subsidy.

The Fertilizer Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC) hereby assures the consumers and general public that; all such allegations are absolutely false. Fertilizer manufacturers are spending millions of rupees for printing and pasting of subsidy stickers on DAP bags. They are supporting Govt of Punjab for welfare of the farming community.

The Fertilizer Manufacturers are very prudent and responsible enterprises, who strictly condemn any such malpractices. In fact, this essential and strategic industry is the largest tax-contributor to the national exchequer, while it makes substantial input to the agricultural growth and economic prosperity in the country, and are managed through exemplary corporate governance. The fertilizer producers realize that; this subsidy on DAP and Urea promises great support and financial benefits to the deprived community of farmers in Punjab, besides the subsidy on Urea offered by federal government and manufacturers. However, it is brought to our attention that due to some internal issues of Govt of Punjab, the subsidy is not being passed on to the farmers.