PM’s message on National Voters’ Day

LAHORE, Dec 06 (INP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said the purpose of celebrating National Voters’ Day is to highlight the importance and utility of vote among the public

In his message issued on the eve of National Voters’ Day, the Chief Minister said that opinion of the voters is very pivotal in any democratic system as people are the pillars of strength and power that decide the fate of the governments with the power of their vote. Importance and utility of public vote is very pivotal in any democratic system and the societies prosperous speedily where public opinion is given importance. He said that Pakistan Muslim League-N is the custodian of the democratic norms and it has always followed such norms and principles.

It is sanguine that Muslim League-N has always played its positive role in the strengthening of the democratic institutions and today we should reiterate our commitment to highlight the importance of the vote.