Terrorists change means of communication

QUETTA July 16 (PPI): Terrorists belonging to proscribed organisations have changed their means of communication switching from cell phone applications to chits, letters and USBs, sources revealed on Saturday.
According to sources, in the past terrorists used to maintain contact through mobile phones, emails, and satellite phones but now, due to ongoing operations by security forces, the communication style has been compromised.
Communications being compromised have led to arrest of dozens of terrorists and foiled terrorist plots forcing the terrorists to switch their medium communications, sources added.
Terrorists send these letters or chits through facilitators to mosques or certain people, using code-words to hide identities of people and places.
Sources also said that this chain of contact originates from Afghanistan to Balochistan and then Sindh, it is not carried out through one person. Every area has a local facilitator who carries out the task handed over to him.
Interestingly, the messenger is not allowed to open the letter or to see the contents of the USB, sources added. In the past, intelligence operatives have arrested such facilitators in raids.