Govt contradicts reports on Reko Diq

QUETTA July 16 (PPI): Spokesperson of government of Balochistan has strongly contradicted reports run on social media and mass communication about Reko Diq giving impression that 11.5 Billion dollars claim has been decided in respect of Tethyan Copper Company.
Spokesperson has clarified that Tethyan Copper Company has filed 11.5 billion dollars case of damages which is exaggerated and contrary to ground realities.
Spokesperson said that on behalf of govnerment of Balochistan Attorney General of Pakistan and a team of international law experts was preparing its reply and it would be filed at next hearing.
Spokesperson added that government of Balochistan accords great importance to this case and was pleading it extensively. Government had raised objection on a member of tribunal which has been admitted for hearing by the court rejecting TCC objections and suspected quantum proceedings. It has also ordered to hear appeal filed against tribunal member by Pakistan first. It is an important development.
Spokesperson said that Reko Diuq case is not only of importance for Balochistan but also important for whole of Pakistan. Therefore irresponsible statements contrary to facts should be avoided in the case.