CM congratulates Osman Badini over his success

QUETTA July 16 (PPI): Baochistan Chief Minister Naw bSanaulah zehri expressing pleasure over holding of by polls in a peaceful atmosphere has congratulated JUI candidate Osman Badini. He has also congratulated people of the constitutency for taking part in electorl process and demonstrating democratic and political process.
He has also aplpreciated Police, Fc and administration for their performance for providing foolproof security for election processand also thanked ElecitonCommisison for their good arrangements.
Chief Minsiter said that holding by polls in a best astmoshphere is result fo team work and unitirign efforts of all cocnerne dinstitutions.
Expressing good wishes for successful candidate Osman Badini he hoped that being member of National Assembly he would utilize all his energies for reoslvign problems of his area and development of the area.