Poll for the female news anchors

06/November/2016 peoples of Pakistan chose Asima Shirazi as favorite female news anchor daily qudrat questioned viewers about qudrat poll on facebook page, who is your favorite female news anchor?we showed picture of four favorite female news anchor which are mehar Abbasi,dawn tv ,Asima shirazi Aaj tv,Paras jahanzeb Sama tv and Garida Farooqi during poll 8800 viewers participated and gave their feedbacks according to result of poll belongs to Aaj tv Asima Shirazi got more votes and become number one she got 43 2% votes, on second number belongs to Sama tv Paras Jahanzeb 41.3% votes, belongs to express news Garida Farooqi 9.7% votes and news programmer from dawn news Mehar Abbasi 5.3% votes ,like this 0.4% viewers didn’t cast their votes