Poll of the top six Pakistani news anchors

(03-December 2016) viewers made nusrat javed most favorite male news anchor

5 7 millions peoples liked Daily qudrat facebook page when we question viewers

About best male news anchor we place picturs of 6 famous news anchors

Nusrat Javd, hamid mir ,kashif abasi,kamran khan ,javd caudri and dr shahid masood

And questioned,who is yours favorite male news anchor? In live poll about 6000 viewers, did poll according to poll dawn news senior anchor nusrat javed got 46.7% votes and made first position and bol

tv anchor dr shahid masood with 17.2% votes on  second number  geo tb news anchor hamid mir

15.7% votes from Ary news Kashif abasi 12% votes and 4.6% in favor of express news anchor javed chaudri and in last kamran khan 3.8% votes

This result of poll for favorite news anchor