People who crave and eat more sugar are slimmer

Web Desk: A recent study has found that people who have a sweet tooth gene variation, makes them crave and eat more sugar are likely to have less body fat than others
Genetic variation is one of the reasons of a particular craving for sweet things. People with this variation eat more sugar than others.
According to the researcher, “It sort of contradicts common intuition that people who eat more sugar should have less body fat. But it is important to remember that we are only studying this specific genetic variation and trying to find connections to the rest of the body.”

“This is just a small piece of the puzzle describing the connection between diet and sugar intake and the risk of obesity and diabetes.”
This genetic variation is connected with slightly increased blood pressure and more fat around the waist than the hips.
“Now that so many people are involved in the study, it gives our conclusions a certain robustness. Even though the difference in the amount of body fat or blood pressure level is only minor depending on whether or not the person has this genetic variation or not, we are very confident that the results are accurate. Around 20 % of the European population has this genetic predisposition.”