This is why people get dizzy when they stand up suddenly

Web Desk: It happens with almost everyone that when they stand up suddenly and are met a feeling of wooziness In critical case, their vision gets splotchy, or they have to brace themselves until the dizziness passes.
However, this condition is named as ‘Initial orthostatic hypotension’. According to expert, “These symptoms occur because there is a temporary decrease in the amount of blood, and therefore oxygen, supplied towards the brain.”
“Gravity pulls down much of the blood towards your legs and lower body, leaving your heart and vessels to do more to get sufficient amounts up to the brain.”

The heart is a pump, and when you stand up suddenly, the amount of blood going into the heart is reduced. This can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure, and it takes a short amount of time for the corrective mechanisms to kick in and correct it.
If you’re older than 40 and experiencing these periods of dizziness after standing, you don’t need to rush to your doctor.