Shedding tears highly beneficial for health

ISLAMABAD: If laughter is good for health crying is highly beneficial for it preventing one from potential health hazards
Medically,tears act as safety valve by releasing excess stress hormones, if left unchecked, chronic elevated levels of these hormones can cause physical ailments and play havoc with mood. Further,as stress often precedes a good cry, the sense of calm often felt afterwards is at least in part due to hormonal release. Besides physical benefits, research shows that eighty five (85%) percent women and seventy three (73 %) men feel less sad and angry after shedding some tears. Dr. Sanober said, “Crying relieves stress,” and, she elaborated,”chronic stress can increase the risk of heart attacks, damage certain areas of the brain,contribute to digestive issues like ulcers and cause tension headaches and migraine beside other health issues. She continued, it is said ,”Humans ability to cry has survival value ,that is true as crying lowers blood pressure Tears remove toxins from the body that is tears help humans eliminate stress hormones (Cortisole)Tears, she added reduce manganese whose elevated levels could be associated with anxiety irritability and aggression.

Manganese is a mineral which affects mood and is found significantly in greater concentrations in tears than in blood serum. Men rarely cry that is why they get more angry and frustrated and consequently suicide rate is higher in men than in women,Dr. Sanober said and added, “during childhood do not forbid your son from crying so that he may become a tension free man. Crying lessons depression so one should cry bitterly when frustrated,” she added. Moreover, she said tears were antibacterial and cleared the eyes of infections and dust particles. Different medical researches endorsing Dr. Sanober’s point of view categorize the tears in