Study reveals reasons of women’s colder hand and men’s bigger nose

Researchers revealed that how science proves members of both sexes are actually different from each other It uncover that the real reason of women’s cold hand is women love holding hands.
According to the study, it’s all down to muscle tissue, of which men generally have more than women do, and which is largely responsible to produce more heat that keep men warm.
The man’s nose is on average 10 per cent bigger than women. It is because men’s body need more oxygen, hence they grow bigger hooters to suck it all in. Men’s lean muscle need more energy in the form of oxygen for building and maintaining body fat.

Women smell better because their brain can read much more from the air they do breathe in. Moreover, women see more, generally, they are better at discriminating different colors.
Women’s hearing also works better than men’s. According to a theory, men tend to listen with only one side of their brains, while women use both. Most of the man showed activity in the left temporal lobe, while most of the women showed activity on both sides of the brain.