Top reasons of veins visibility on hands, arms and legs

You often notice veins on the inner area of your arms, hands and legs Have you ever wondered that, are these visible veins a sign of fitness or are they a sign of trouble for your body?
Here are the top reasons of visible veins on your hand, arms, legs and feet.
The most general cause
Fair people have more visible veins than others.
Thin people have less fat to hide the veins, therefore their veins are more visible.
Veins too close to the skin may also be more visible.
Weight Lifting

Weight lifting and exercise can exert pressure on your body vessels making them rigid and causing them to bulge and become more visible. Lifting increase muscles size and density that makes the veins visible even during relaxing.
It is another factor. As you grow older, your skin becomes more and more visible because of thinning of fat layer.
Certain Medication Reaction
Certain medication reaction results in skin thinning.