Why is microwaved popcorn bad for health?

(Daily qudrat): Technology makes it easy to cook yummy favored popcorn by putting it inside the microwave But experts say that it has some risks to your health. They state that the chemical coating in microwave bags breaks down into perflurooctanoic.
Popcorn’s buttery flavor come from Diacetyl which, when burnt, can damage your lungs. According to studies, indicated that an acid extracted from PFOA can cause cancer in animals, and might even cause cancer in humans.
Diacetyle is a flavouring agent which is added to microwave popcorn. This chemical has been linked to increasing rates of bronchiolitis obliterans in factory workers. This chemical causes obstructive lung disease.

Trans fat which is an unhealthy type of fat that is added in microwave popcorn, this can increase bad cholesterol and risk of heart disease.
Microwave popcorn bags are lined with chemicals called fluorocarbons, that increase risk of prostate and pancreatic cancer and also disturb hormonal function and impair thyroid functioning.
If you want to reduce the risk of microwave popcorn, allow it to cool a little before eating them, this will make you breathe less of diacetyle.