Unbelievable facts about dolphin

Dolphins are fun and playful creatures but in actual they are vicious killers They not only attack humans but also the way they attack other dolphins. They are also considered as the most intelligent species on the planet.
Here are the top 7 unbelievable dolphin facts that reveal how terrifying they truly are.
Dolphin can speak

Dolphins can communicate with each other in a way that resembles human words. They can make noises like pulses, clicks and whistles. One dolphin would emit noise, the other would quietly wait, and then reply with their own noises.
They are mega-predators

Dolphins eat an insane amount of fish. They capture fishes with a organized attack. Dolphins only weigh 260 lbs but eat about 33 lbs of fish a day.
The most dangerous dolphin is not what you might expect

Killer whale is actually a dolphin because they are smart and trained. The combination of the size and brute strength of whale with high intelligence level make them, the most dangerous predators in the ocean.
Some dolphins can sniff out mines and have military training

Navies give military training on how to seek out underwater mines and mark them.
Will they ever stop

Dolphins can stay awake for five days, they could alert for a total of 15 days. But dolphin can’t breath underwater. They take in oxygen by making trips up to the surface and can stay underwater for a total 17 minutes.
While sleeping, they keep one eye open, while the other is closed. Means, they can watch out for predators.
The strange reason why dolphin kill babies

Dolphins kill babies of their own species. Male dolphin will kill the infants of female dolphins in order to get them to mate with them.
The unsolved Dolphin murder spree

Dolphin actually engaged in murdering baby porpoises. At first it was believed that the baby dolphin were killed by weapons test, but evidence found on the baby indicates the killer was adolphine.