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‘Titanic’ is coming to theatres… again, for its 20th anniversary!

NEWS DESK Nov 16 : Twenty years it’s been, and yet, here we stand as if it were only yesterday…

No, of course, we are not Death Eaters, but it sure feels like we are all a group of secretive romantics when it comes to Titanic, which, it was announced, is returning to the screens next month to commemorate its 20th anniversary

The tragic romance will hit theatres once again on December 1, 2017, Titanic‘s official Twitter account revealed, alongside a video of James Cameron — the film’s director — stating that it “was like seeing it for the first time”.

Cameron, of course, was referring to how Titanic will be re-released exclusively at AMC Theatres in Dolby Vision.

  • So, get ready to put your debating skills to use for we are surely going to be arguing over the ending scene for the umpteenth time, and, maybe, on the way, fangirl over the two lead actors being #friendshipgoals — Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

See the Titanic re-release trailer and (should we even say it?) get ready to sing “My Heart Will Go On” once more!