Mother battling cancer provides birth to healthy ‘miracle infant’

Mother battling cancer provides birth to healthy ‘miracle infant’



The hill Dew Myth: have actually the man you’re dating down a 2-liter of Mountain Dew before sex and it’ll lower his sperm fertility, preventing maternity.

Truth: The components in hill Dew – or other sodas – do not influence a male’s sperm count. Therefore “Doing the Dew” will not prevent maternity.

Intercourse in Water: You can’t have a baby when you yourself have intercourse in water.

Truth: Pregnancy can happen in water. It does not make a difference whether it is a pond, a pool or even a hot spa.

Jump Up and Down after Intercourse: in the event that you hop down and up after intercourse the semen will come out of this vagina.

Truth: leaping down and up doesn’t cause semen to drop out. Also in the event that you join a trampoline it won’t counter pregnancy.

The Smartphone App: provided that your application says you’re maybe perhaps not ovulating you can’t have a baby.

Truth: there are numerous apps that are different here that may track a woman’s duration and let you know while you are fertile. Your cell phone is sensible although not constantly proper. It will not understand your body that is individual and cannot always accurately predict while you are fertile or otherwise not. Continue reading “Mother battling cancer provides birth to healthy ‘miracle infant’”