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Rupee steady against dollar

In the local currency market, both the dollar and euro remained depressed against the rupee last week. Trading activity was dull in the absence of dollar...


Bank deposits edge higher

According to the weekly statement of position of all scheduled banks for the week ended Sept 1, 2017, deposits and other accounts of all scheduled banks stood...


Cotton prices fall on slack demand

KARACHI: After a buying spree earlier in the week, the dwindling interest from spinners pushed cotton prices further lower on Saturday. Higher crop production...


Rupee depreciation report submitted

KARACHI: The inquiry report about the rupee’s sudden depreciation against the dollar on July 5 has been submitted to the Ministry of Finance. However, banking...


SBP issues import-related directives

KARACHI: Importers are no more required to submit original shipping and transport documents to the authorised dealers for payments against imports made on an...